Monday, November 11, 2013

Celebrity Fashion Designer Marco Hall Ups His Game : GBMNews


Every season is fashion season in the New York City area, and all eyes are keenly focused on the latest styles and fabrics that hit the runways all over town.

By Nathan James

Marco Hall, a veteran designer of over two decades, whose creations have been worn by A-listers on everything from the red carpet to the silver screen, is preparing to take the next big step in his illustrious career, as the New Year approaches. “I love fashion,” says Hall, whose work is now part of the curriculum at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). “It’s everything I’ve always wanted to do. I began sewing, by hand, in the fifth grade.” His designs have graced the figures of Rihanna, Natalie Cole, Erykah Badu, Sara Dash, and Vivica Fox, among many other household names, and Hall was the designer for the Tyler Perry feature For Colored Girls. Hall has been featured in fashion periodicals ranging from Vogue to Harper’s Bazaar, and has established himself as an industry fixture.

In recent months, Hall has become involved with a fine boutique shop on Newark’s trendy Halsey Street, called Karma Consignment. It’s here that Hall brings forth his haute couture pieces, and dresses for the film and television industries. “Karma is a place where people can see my work up close,” Hall reflects, “it’s something special.” Originally a partnership, Hall will soon become the sole proprietor of the business, giving him a retail platform for his work. For Hall, it’s a global venture. “I dress the world,” he observes, “so everybody is a celebrity to me. Dressing celebrities is great, but it’s the ‘real people’ that make Marco Hall go around.” An early December gala at the shop will celebrate Hall’s acquisition of the firm.

Hall moves through the boutique with a quiet confidence borne of his innate, undeniable talent. All kinds of dresses, halters, slacks, and jumpsuits adorn the racks of Karma Consignment, each hand-crafted right on the premises. Unpretentious, Hall speaks to the garment trade through his craft, showcasing his outfits at fashion events all over the country. “I love making provocative, sexy clothes,” Hall says, and during his New York Fashion Week runway show in September, sheer bodysuits and revealing evening gowns were prominently displayed at the event. Each distinctive item carries a Hall signature, following and accentuating the natural curves of its wearer. “A ‘real woman’ isn’t really thin,” Hall says, and plus-sizes are now an integral part of the Marco Hall brand. “The average woman has curves, and/or has a fuller body than what you see on runways. I think high fashion can be for fuller women.”

As 2014 dawns, Hall is looking forward to new horizons. In addition to developing his business, and expanding his brand, he’ll be among the cast of the hot new network television series, Fashion In The Fast Lane. The program highlights the making of fashion, and the boutique, along with Hall’s expertise, will be a major part of this national production. Then, Fashion Week returns to New York City in February, and as winter gives way to spring, Hall will continue to set the fashion world on its ear. “I love designing dresses in particular,” says Hall, “I love the draping look.” Industry observers say Hall reaches out to the consumer with a graceful, flowing style. “It’s his gift,” says Andre Lopatkin, a longtime fashion analyst for several major retailers. “We see him out there, and it’s fantastic.”

You can visit Karma Consignment at 29 Halsey Street in Newark, NJ, or on the web at Marco can be found online at


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